The next Bitcoin? Investors flock to new cryptocurrency Cardano ‘ADA’

Mar 8, 2021 Coin
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The next Bitcoin? Investors flock to new cryptocurrency Cardano 'ADA'

As Bitcoin surges cryptocurrency investors are looking for the next golden goose, with one token in particular exploding in value.
It’s called ADA, and it is the native token of the Cardano blockchain (a similar technology to Bitcoin, where all transactions are recorded on a single ledger).
Much like other cryptocurrencies, any user anywhere in the world can use ADA as a secure exchange of value.
It’s currently priced at $1.39 per token – but if you jumped onboard in 2020 you could have bought ADA for just 20 cents per token.
According to trading multi-brokerage company eToro, ADA has seen a 157 per cent increase in trading in the past month, hitting a high of $1.45 on the last weekend of February.
Simon Peters, eToro’s resident cryptocurrency expert, said clued-in investors were searching for alternatives to Bitcoin that would allow them to get in on the ground floor of the next big boom.
“The market is evolving. Rather than focus solely on bitcoin and ethereum, where many investors can only own a fraction of one coin, we are seeing increasing demand for coins priced like bitcoin and ethereum were a few years ago,” Mr Peters said.
“Investors are looking for the next bitcoin, meaning they’re investing in cheaper tokens like Cardano’s ADA, IOTA and Tron, all of which are priced around the $1 mark.
“We believe this year could see this hunt for the next ‘bitcoin’ intensify, as the market widens and other coins gain their own following.”

Source – 9 News 


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