130,000 Investors lose money to PGI Global Ponzi schemes

Jun 2, 2021 Bitcoin, News
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130,000 Investors lose money to Praetorian Group International (PGI) Ponzi scheme

Picture of Ramil Ventura Palafox (left) and Mark Davis (right) both running the Ponzi bitcoin scheme at AI Trades (Photo taken from PGI Global official facebook page)

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130,000 Investors lose money to Praetorian Group International (PGI) Ponzi scheme

LONDON, [OUTSIDE US, CANADA OR AU], UNITED KINGDOM, May 26, 2021 — PGI Global, a cryptocurrency and MLM company with over 130,000 investors across 199 countries is likely to become the biggest Ponzi scam since Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme that defrauded thousands of investors out of tens of billions of dollars in 2009.

There have been numerous international reviews on PGI Global and its business practices but most of the reviews have been from people who have not invested in the scheme; this is the first time the world will hear from investors who are currently investors in PGI Ponzi scheme.

My name is Ken Uwotu, I am a PGI investor and the group leader of the telegram group ‘worldwide investors group’ (WIG), a group of over 1,350 PGI investors worldwide.

In the public interest we have decided to alert Interpol and national government agencies around the world to investigate PGI Global, a company most investors now strongly believe is a Ponzi scheme and we wish to warn unsuspecting and vulnerable investors not to fall prey to this ‘highly sophisticated’ bitcoin scam and PYRAMID Ponzi scheme.


Ramil Ventura Palafox (RV) worked for Trade Coin Club (TCC) between 2017 and 2018. He was the face of TCC in South East Asia. TCC affiliates invested in Bitcoin on the promise of an advertised daily ROI of up to 0.45% for a period of 12 months; TCC closed in June 2018 and disappeared with 167,000 BTC (current value today $62 billion) of investors’ money. Joff Paradise was the face of TCC and the owner of AI Trade however Joff was forced to step down as owner of AI Trade because he was being chased for the stolen investors’ funds at TCC. Joff Paradise made Ramil Ventura Palafox AI President. Ramil Ventura (RV) Palafox and Mark Davis worked together running AI Trades. Ramil Palafox as President and Mark Davis as Chief Communications Officer (CCO). Trade Coin Club and AI Trade are well-established Ponzi schemes and have been declared scams by legal authorities.

PGI Global’s most basic level of affiliate membership requires an investment of $100. The highest investment you can make is $500,000 and above – unlimited to join the Titanium Level. To ensure passive income from the company, it promises to give daily ROIs of between 0.5%-3% until a member’s package reaches a maximum 200 days or 200% of your investment, whichever comes first. There is no evidence shown to members of PGI Global trading in bitcoin and the company recently launched products. However, there has not been ordinary Investors known to have purchased these products, considering that members have not been paid since these products were launched. To be a member you must buy their affiliate memberships to become a part of the community.

The signs of a possible PGI exit strategy began to emerge on January 18th 2021 when RV claimed the company had problems with their third payment gateway partners, which has resulted in investors’ payments being held up in ‘the blockchain’.

In a monthly members’ meet up video recorded in March 2021, RV told investors that he has purchased Kala Wallet for $20 million and that Kala Wallet will be launched at the beginning of April 2021, RV stated this action would make the processing of payments much faster as PGI would now have its own blockchain and would the only company to have its own blockchain technology. The validity of a partnership arrangement with Kala was investigated and it was discovered that PGI is not listed as one of Kala Coins’ partners on its website and Kala have confirmed that PGI has not purchased Kala.

The impact of PGI’s action not to pay investors is immeasurable. I have spoken to investors who say they are now depressed, suicidal, have developed illnesses. Last week we received confirmed report of three PGI investors, a couple and nephew who drank poison and died in South Africa as a direct result of PGI Global’s action not to pay investors.

On 3rd May, PGI stated that they were launching PGI 2.0 and fraudulently changed the payment status on investors’ back-office records from ‘processing’ to ‘cash-out refunded’ but retained investors’ Bitcoin investment pay-outs in PGI’s bitcoin wallet.

PGI Global stopped paying investors on 15th of Feb 2021, PGI has now turned their attention to recruiting low income and the vulnerable people to join the scheme. From February 2020 to August 2020 at the height of COVID 19 pandemic, PGI global made $30,000,000 in revenue according to its official Facebook page. WIG has measured the impact of PGI’s action not to pay investors. In a recent survey, it showed about 80% of investors have investment packages ranging from $1000 – $10,000 and 87.1% of investors who took part in the survey have investments monies ranging from $88 – $10,000 showing that majority of PGI’s investors are low-income earners and vulnerable.

It is important to state the Bitcoin scam companies mentioned above mirrors PGI Global. A last-minute meeting on 23/05/2021 to get PGI to pay investors failed.

For further information, contact us at mailto:worldwideinvestorstelegram@gmail.com

Ramil Ventura Palafox – PGI founder/CEO
Mark Davis – Vice President, PGI Global and COO
Raquel Paulino – Co founder, Philippines
Rosario Austria, MD – Vice President, Health & Well being

Helen L Graham- PGI Global President
Shofi Ullah- PGI President Europe
Bako Faysal – PGI President Asia
Benny Akiki Mwesigwa – PGI President Africa
Philip Ndungu – PGI President Latin America
Mingthoy Mendez – PGI President Latin America
Miguel Lopez – PGI President Latin America
Mielli Motsepe – PGI President South Africa
Harrison Omojafo – PGI President UK
Swimm Oma-Pharooq – PGI President UK
Julie Ladycoin – PGI President Nigeria
Shaida Kareem – PGI President Iraq
Dr Rose Okpara – PGI President North America


Claire Wilkinson – Helen Graham’s Secretary
Denise Skeels – Ramil Ventura Palafox’s PA/Liaison Officer


PGI Trust pilot review
PGI Global Official Website

Ramil Palafox living life on the fast lane in the United States

77 thoughts on “130,000 Investors lose money to PGI Global Ponzi schemes”
  1. I invested money in PGI in February.Up to this day i have not received a penny back on my investment. This is despite numerous promises by PGI to pay investors. They are a scam.

    1. Hi,

      This is Khuthaza from South Africa. PGI has changed my life and it is lies all written here that PGI has disappeared. This is people who are using the precious name of PGI for their own ulterior motives.

      1. Are you one if the ones that have been paid from this Ponzi scheme? You got paid from the money stolen from poor people. It won’t last.

      2. Regret falling prey this scam it is a scam. Why are you heartless. Prople have lost marriages, homes and friendship and you are here busy telling lies. Pay people and make peace

      3. Will you shut the F up, you Niffy be part of the PGI Ponzi scheme you work with them, it’s very obvious. Your days are numbered. The authorities are coming for you

      4. Kevin, you are a PGI agent. Your life is changed out of loot from scammed people. PGI has made people’s lives worse!

    2. Please do not invest in PGI
      They are deceiving people. I have over $40,000 pending withdrawals despite numerous promises to pay investors by PGI leaders.

    3. PGI is holding on to my investment. They promised 200% returns and I haven’t received a payment in the past 4 months. It is clearly a ponzi scheme and they should be brought to justice.

      1. Soy peruano. PGI no me paga desde el mes de marzo 2021 hasta la fecha. Más parece que me han estafado. Deberían ir a la cárcel todos los que presiden el PGI incluyendo los que nos invitaron aqui en el Perú a participar en el PGI.

  2. PGI has broken many people. RV and Mark are seasoned thieves, please do not invest in PGI

  3. Pgi has eventually refused to pay me for the past 3months my business has been down with over 18downlines of me all over me asking fo their refunds this company puts me in so much trouble I am from country cameroon

  4. My name is Miriam, I’m a Pgi investor from UK. I invested $50,000 with PGI GLOBAL, the company has scammed myself and over 130,000 investors worldwide. I haven’t been paid since February 2021, from not being paid it has caused me to fall into a deep depression, I have three months baby who I am now struggling to provide for. My partner has had to give up his driving job because of the saviour depression, we are struggling to pay bills, and to afford daily living expenses. I can’t tell my close friends and family on what happened, it’s extremely shameful. They have ruined my life completely.

    1. I invested money on pgi around Octuber after a trusted friend of mine told me about the company, pgi then I invested. And after a while, I recommend my close friends and sister who invested hugely with pgi, around december 2020. Moreover, that same december I doubled my investment. And the withdrawel I made since Feb 15 2021, have been prolonged, and payment not received. PGI, refused paying money to my wallet and each day is promises upon promises on fallow ground. And pgi keeps on coming up with lies upon upon and they don’t want to pay the money owed to investors. PGI is a scammer and not reliable. I would not recommend pgi to any body. I regrets to introduced my friends and sister to pgi

    1. PGI is a big scam and the leaders there are arrogant and are concerned with their investors… Do not recruit any of your friend or relative.

  5. My name is Jay..I invested in PGI in november and I got few weeks payment..I introduced my family members and friends late December hoping for them to better their life some investing around 10k thousand and till this day..26/5/2021..we haven’t received any Money!and now we believe PGI is a scam!

  6. My name is Amen, I invested $5000 years in feb.. I have been able to withdraw. It’s one story after another. This is having a huge impact on my physical and damaging my mental health. I am having huge anxiety, unable to focus on my children, screaming all the time and having night mares.

    1. My name is Mariam, I’m a PGI investor from UK I invested $7100 the company has scammed myself and over 150,000 investors worldwide. I have issues in my marriage, my marriage is having challenges as I used our family savings to invest in pgi thinking it will double within 6 months as promised by pgi in their presentation, I’m currently depressed and pregnant. I’m very angry and unhappy all the time because of pgi which is unhealthy for me and my unborn baby.

  7. I joined PGI 28/12/2020.
    PGI has destroyed my family and my life. I borrowed money to invest but all hopes has been destroyed by this ponza scheme PGI. My is not other people to fall a victim. PGI has to be stopped.

  8. RV is living with our money I have purchased two $ 5000.00 package.

  9. Since I invested $1000 in PGI, I have waited patiently to receive my withdrawal back as promise by PGI but to date getting to 6 months now no payment done to me.

    This has further cause serious damage to me and my household as I rely solely on this to cater for myself and family. I am a Man of 2 children and a wife including other dependants. Pls help me

  10. Thank you. I invested $1000 into PGI and up till now, no payment received as assured by PGI. this has caused serious damage to me and my household. I plead with the security agency to kindly help in recovery my money so I can take care of my children and a new born baby of less that 2 months old.
    I am from Abuja, Nigeria.

  11. I’m not surprised, we streets earned about this exit scam but many trusted friends and family gave us full reassurance that they were different from the other platforms and that our funds will be safe.
    Now they haven’t paid since February 2022.

  12. This is a comprehensive report depicting nothing but the truth.
    It is important for INTERPOL to investigate these gang for corporate criminality anf murder.

  13. PGI is the worst SCAM ever. I invested in PGI and they have stopped paying since 15/2/20. RV and his cohort should rot in jail.

  14. It’s been 3 months since I invested more than $ 15,000 in PGI and I haven’t received anything since February, PGI has ruined my life and the lives of many other investors

  15. My name is Mr ANDRE KEMAYO I’m a PGI investor from the United Kingdom.I invested $10.000 . The company has scammed myself and over 150,000 investors worldwide.
    This has brought untold misery to me and my family.I took but loan to invest and till date iam unable to even feed my family, look after my sick wife, iam currently on a PTSD session because iam suffering from seriouse depression as a result of this, I cannot pay bills/ house rents even to heat my own house.
    See evidence https://mtxcryptocoins.com/2021/05/21/investors-lose-money-to-praetorian-group-international-pgi-ponzi-scheme/

  16. My name is Mr ANDRE KEMAYO I’m a PGI investor from the United Kingdom.I invested $10.000 . The company has scammed myself and over 150,000 investors worldwide.
    This has brought untold misery to me and my family.I took but loan to invest and till date iam unable to even feed my family, look after my sick wife, iam currently on a PTSD session because iam suffering from seriouse depression as a result of this, I cannot pay bills/ house rents even to heat my own house.
    See evidence https://mtxcryptocoins.com/2021/05/21/investors-lose-money-to-praetorian-group-international-pgi-ponzi-scheme/

  17. These individuals need to be locked up for a very long time. They have indirectly taken three lives. They don’t deserve to live.

  18. I am a PGI investor from the UK. I invested $50,000.00. I have been contacting PGI COO, Mark Davies since February for my payments with no success. It’s just clear to me of recent that PGI is a fraud organisation.

  19. Am Shola Odebunmi, Am pgi investor from Nigeria,. I invested $300., The company has scammed me and more other 150,000 distributor globally…. And this has affected me and my other colleagues involved in the business,. My livelihood and that of others has been so scrambles because of this fraudulent actions against us. We need ultimate intervention of concern pls .

  20. PGI is a scammer, scammer, scammer, they have refused to pay money owed to investors. Instead they kept on coming with diffrent tactics to delayed investors money. Since Feb 15, 2021 pgi has refused to make payment, up till now… Stop investing money on pgi..

  21. PGI Global Ponzi Scheme scams 130,000 members worldwide across 199 countries

  22. PGI Global Ponzi Scheme scams 150,000 investors worldwide across 199 countries. Do not invest in this company because you will lose your money. Do not say you were not warned. I have not been sleeping well due to the amount of money I invested- over $60,000 of my hard earned money. RV Palafox is seriously living it up with my money with no care in the world whilst I’m struggling to make ends meet. So please ignore the people promoting this business, they’re nothing but co-conspirators and enablers of a Ponzi Scheme.

  23. my name is Naominathan

    1. I invested in PGi thinking that I had finally found a way to financial independence. Little did I know that I was falling into a scam organisation who have previous form (didn’t realise this beforehand) on how to scam and dupe its investors out of millions. They are shamelessly recruiting new unsuspecting members and continuing to destroy lives!
      I now have a fragmented family who are also suffering with not being paid monies owed.

  24. PGI has rubbed me and my family of our hard earned money. We are now living from hand mouth. We are pleading for the appropriate authorities to step in to our aid.

  25. My name is Abiola. I invested $15000 in PGI. The company has not paid trading bonuses, and other earnings on my investment. Weekly withdrawals processing since February never materialised.
    This has caused untold hardship as I have had to take a second job to repay the loan I took to invest in this scam. I hardly have to to rest or spend with my family.

    1. Honestly , each time I think of the huge loss which I have suffered in the hands of this scam called PGI , I feel shattered. I invested $15000 into PGI. My intention was to use this money and the profit made from it as deposit for my mortgage. Unfortunately all my dream and hopes are shattered, thanks to PGI scam. Presently I’m so frustrated and empty as I don’t even know where to begin as concerns my mortgage.

  26. My name is Nancy Onwukwe from Nigeria. I and my family invested over $7,000 to PGI . Since February they have not paid us our roi nor refunded back our Investments. This has left us miserable living from hand to mouth. We are pleading with the appropriate authorities to step to our aid

  27. My name is Pauline. I am in the UK. I invested £13,000 in this SCAM company. PGI. I am in financial trouble left right and centre that I cannot pay bills let alone put food on the table. The stress is so unbearable. PLEASE DO NOT INVEST IN THIS COMPANY YOU WILL REGRET IT. SCAM SCAM SCAM

  28. PGI have the impression that it is a Crypto trading company. It turned out to be a lie. And the lie has been mounting ever since I invested in the scheme. Palafox, the founder of PGI is a scam and needs to be held accountable by security forces in the Navada, USA. He will surely end up in jail after he is stripped of all his assets.

  29. My name is Annelle. Im a PGI investor from the USA. I joined March 29th and bought a 100$ and a 5,000$ package. I have tried withdrawing twice and have not received any money. They did a reset on the first withdrawal request I made and returned it to back office. I have not received my second withdrawal request I Made on May 3, 2011 and it is May 26th already. This was money I was going to use for the down payment of my home. They have messed everything up for me and I have reported them to the authorities and will continue to do so until justice is served.

    1. I investigated $6000 in PGI., only to find out that l have scammed with over 150,000 investors from all over the world. Their actions have affected have caused a lot of stress and anxieties for families like myself. All we are demanding from this wicked people called PGI is pay the money we invested.

  30. I am a PGI investor from the United Kingdom. I joined February 2021 investing $1100. I haven’t received a single penny and this has caused a lot of stress. It has also created an embarrassing situation with investors I introduced to PGI.
    PGI has clearly benefited from the bitcoin boom with the wealth displayed publicly. However, unfortunately they do not want to pay their investors what is due to them. PGI needs pay up!!

  31. I am a PGI investor from the United Kingdom. I joined February 2021 investing $5000, no payment has been made till date! The money invested was for my children’s school fees so we are devastated with this situation. PGI really need to pay investors immediately!!

  32. l invested over $80,000.00 in PGI which l joined in the month of July 2020.Since march 2021,l have not received any payment. l invested my 41k and took loan to invest. l have not been sleeping well and my blood pressure has been on the rise.

  33. I’m a UK investor of over £16000 . PGI is not a credible company no one should invest a penny, they are not paying. RV Palafox, Mark Davis and their cohorts are criminals that must be brought to justice . This is the biggest SCAM in the recent time . Many lives are been destroyed, marriages broken and relationships crushed because PGI management are living large at the expense of investors. We would not stop until all our investment recovered .Please don’t fall a victim you are WARNED! SCAM! SCAM!! SCAM !!! SCAMMERFOX RV. SCAMMERMARK DAVIS.

  34. My name is michelle from the UK. I invested $32000 and I have not received a penny from my investment. The issues started in February and it’s been one excuse after another with regards to paying their 130,000 investors. Instead we see RV buying a fleet of Lamborghinis, buying his friends flashy cars and hosting seminars in Vegas, Dubai and the next one is in the Caribbean. This situation has made me sick and will take a long time for me to recover from. I will report this scam operation to whoever can prosecute all involved. Do not invest in PGI. You will lose your money.

    1. This is 100% lie PGI still exist we are still happy investors. A lot of companies that can’t handle the pressure of PGI success try by all means to sabotage it. Yes currently have withdrawal delay issues but we get constant updates about the progress. I encourage you to go YouTube get real updates than all this lies people mentioned here

      1. Have you been paid,stop the lies PGI has not paid anybody since February or you are secretly benefiting from the loot they made …RV Palafox is boiling with the money of investors in the Dubai,Bahamas,Las Vegas and others at the expense of investors, and you are here spewing nonsense …the investors are truly sad and devastated, some have even died because of the Ponzi scheme called PGI GLOBAL…

    2. I invested in PGI on the 6th of February 2020 . I have not received any returns/ payment since iI invested . Please do not invite family and friends into this scheme . A word is enough for the wise

  35. PGI is devil incarnate! It is the worst scam ever!! The owners are heartless and deceivers. Since January, I haven’t got any payment from them. Fraudsters!!!

  36. I’m a pgi member since last year February and i still believe in PGI even when people lying so bad about it, i invested $30000 with PGI and still believe in PGI because its all that understand business. PGI still around and operating so that means i will still get my money. 🤣 🤣 🤣

  37. I was introduced to PGI by a trusted friend,invested since January 2021 & got friends and family to invest too,till date we’ve not been paid a penny!!!
    This has caused me so much stress 🥲🥲🥲

    1. I invested in this company in February. I remember really considering as I already had my doubts but seeing how my up line was doing, I threw all caution to the wind. Now I havent received a single coin and feel so didappointed that I allowed this to happen. Please do not put your hard earned money here.

  38. Pgi is a company owned by RV palafox who resides in the USA. He has scammed over 130 peoples across the world and in more than 199 countries of the world.
    My name is Rita and I invested $190000 in this company and the comany has refused to pay me for the last three months. I live in UK.
    Palafox is the CEO of the company and Mark Davies is the COO. Both ofvthem connive to defraud investors.
    I have been having nightmares and depression since the company withheld my money. I cannot sleep at night because I cannot pay my debts and bills.

    My fear is that Pgi continues to promote the business, collecting money from unsuspecting innocent people to enrich themselves. They need to be stopped. They are scammers who prey on innocent vulnerable people.

  39. I am a current investor in PGi, I currently have about $14, 000 worth of BTC Investment with this company and I have been paid since February 2021. This has caused me a lot of sleepless nights And heartaches. They keep telling one lie or the other about while payments are being delayed yet living lavishly with our monies. RV Palafox, Mark Davis and the team are heartless and evil and they need to be dealt with.

  40. I was introduced to pgi by a trusted friend saying they’re changing lives,I invested £7,000,brought in families and friends who also invested huge amounts 🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲
    Pgi has not paid any withdrawals request!
    If anything pgi caused us a lot of pain,some of them are not speaking to me,some are telling me they want their money back!
    No one should have to go though what am going though at the moment.
    Don’t fall a victim like I did.
    When you see/ hear PGI🏃🏿‍♀️🏃🏿‍♀️🏃🏿‍♀️🏃🏿‍♀️🏃🏿‍♀️🏃🏿‍♀️🏃🏿‍♀️

  41. These people are scammers they have deliberately not paid my money. They owe me about £5,000. Please please dont fall in a trap. Be warned.

  42. I was introduced to PGI Global by a family friend in December 2020. My family friend is someone I’ve known for nothing less than 15 years, so when she introduced PGI to me, I did not hesitate to become an investor. On my joining PGI with a
    $5,000 package (I actually got the mint from a loan), I actually I would have enough to offset the loan and the interest on it. When I started with PGI in December 2020, withdrawals was once a week and payments into a BTC wallet was about 3 days. After my 1st payment, the second payment was about 7 days and subsequently it turned into 14 days until they stopped paying at week 6. So I have only had 6 payments so far. They stopped paying towards the middle of February 2021. As I speak, PGI has failed in all aspects by not paying it investors. I have heard of suicidal stories on the UK investors telegram I belong to. Some other people have gone into depression and some marriages broken. Some us are jobless due to the pandemic and to top it all, PGI has added to that pain. Please, do not invest your money into PGI. If I had someone that could have given me a candid advice like I’m doing now, I would never have inverted into PGI.

  43. I am one of those investor who became suspicious at the point where we were told that pgi invested 20million in buying calla wallet. Then followed by the numerous promises as the writer of this article had correctly outlined.
    It therefore has not come as a surprise to me that palafox and Mark, whose MO are well known from previous Scams have suddenly taken undue advantages and with intent to defraud so many of their livelihood.
    I invested over £40k and have yet to have my money paid by pgi.

    We all must make a concerted effort to bring this company to the attention of the authorities here in the UK, the US and Palafox home country, the Philippines. He is a desperate person and would go the extra mile to execute his fraud, with the support of Mark Davies.

  44. You are the one that is lying to yourself, still waiting to get return on my investments.

  45. PGI has not paid most its investors since February 2021. Please do no invest in PGI to avoid loosing your money.

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