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PGI Global UK Limited (Praetorian Group International)

Ramil Ventura Palafox (United States/Phillipines) and Mark Davis (Australia) founders of PGI Global have previously been involved in Bitcoin scam ponzi schemes. Ramil Palafox at Trade Club Coins (TCC) and Ramil Palafox and Mark Davis at AI trades. 


These two individuals have been running PGI Global in Feb 2020 and have not paid over 130,000 investors across 199 countries any return on investment (ROI) for over 4 months.

PGI Global's Countries of Influence

Every person that comes across this page has a responsibility to alert every person in their respective countries about the risk involved in investing with PGI Global (Praetorian Group International).

Find out what PGI investors have to say abot this ponzi scheme

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Ramil Palafox, PGI Global founder living life on the fast lane in the United States